Monday, 17 May 2010

The world is green

This is what I found when I got home. I put my tomatoes and runner-beans in the sink and filled it with water so they would not perish while I was in Gothenburg, neglecting them, and they practically exploded! And that goes for the garden as well, our hedge, which was see-through when we left is now a compact green mass with lots of white flowers! The grass needs cutting, and all the other stuff growing in the grass, the trees have leaves and the jasmine too. It seems we left in early brown spring and came back in full green summer, and the smell, the smell of the country and all the plants and greens is intoxicating, this is why we moved!
After driving (well riding along) all the way from Gothenburg to Stockholm, I am exhausted, more about the trip home tomorrow, and also after passing Borås twice, maybe some thoughts about Pinocchio in the near future.

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