Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Gifts from far away.

Celestial Seasonings and actual Belgian Chocolate! The orange tipped one contains speculoos, which I have developed a real taste for, not as much as for chocolate though.
Don't you just love the name speculoos, it tastes as it sounds because it sticks to the roof of your mouth.
I had such a great evening!


Ms. Kimba said...

That tea is american haha right?
i see it all the time at the store, but the chocolate I have no idea about, or speculoos

Ola said...

I vouch for the tea and especially the chocolate, very good indeed.

Frida said...

Speculoos tastes a bit like pepparkakor but milder, like pepparkakor and Mariekex together, but in this peanut-butter form. It is lovely, and very addictive. The chocolate is handmade in Belgium. The tea looks american, yes. Very tasty.

HandMade said...

Aj tusan! Det gjorde jag! Jag kollade nu vart det låg och vi missade det fullständigt! Vi hade väl fokus någon helt annanstans! Men jag kommer gärna förbi en annan dag! Du gör jättefina smycken!