Thursday, 13 May 2010


After a long, shaky drive, we have arrived in Gothenburg. Our car is really too small for that kind of journey, we drive a Toyota Aygo. Well, we arrived a few hours ago, but spent some time happily catching up with my parents. I'm having trouble getting the computer to understand that I'd like the pictures form the camera, so for today, borrowed pictures of Gothenburg's beautiful, green Älvsborgsbron. And this is also where our hotel is, just east of the big bridge, I can se it from my window, also overlooking a small marina. I'm looking forward to the best part of staying at a hotel tomorrow, the breakfast. Though I am one of those people who really cant eat in the morning, my stomach needs a few hours to adapt to awake-ed-ness, I still enjoy very much that someone els did  all the work and I don't have to clean up afterwards, also endless amounts of tea at my fingertips.


Ms. Kimba said...
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Ms. Kimba said...

This is killing me!!!!
I'm dying with jealousy here.
Your so lucky because your always just a drive away from the city :)
Have fun!

I had to repost because apparently I forgot how to spell

Anonymous said...

God morgon

Hoppas nattaen varit till belåtenhet, inte bara skriva utan även sova en stund.

Glöm nu inte att äta en god frukost
innan ni kommer och bygger utställning.

Vi ses
Pappa Pupp

Frida said...

A drive, a six hour drive!!! Well that is closer than you are but still, looong drive. By the way, it smells lovely here.

Frida said...

Tack pappa