Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Treasures at the hardware store

As a artist it is my responsibility to, when presented with such unimaginable, wonderful, pink treasures, at the hardware store, put them in my basket and promptly buy them.
Can you believe it, gardening gloves and bricklayer's string!
I am having a pink phase, the first one of my life, it is quite glorious.
I wonder how that string looks like if I knit it?

Also, look at the sun, the sun is back, we had our lunch on the deck, it was a wonderful 16 degrees. Tomorrow we leave for Gothenburg, the town I grow up in, and also the town of  Two Little Birds gallery who is exhibiting my work, starting this Saturday. I'll do my best to continue blogging during the journey, it should not be a problem. The problem, rather, is that we have to buy 4x2 meters of AstroTurf on the way down.


Ms. Kimba said...

Ooooo!!! Say hi to my old city. I am so jealous..have a safe trip!

Frida said...

I will tell it you said hi. :)
I'll try to take lots of nice pictures (it is such a beautiful place) and blog about it.

Ms. Kimba said...

Oh please do! I'd love to see pictures...besides all the old ones I have from last year..haha

Umiko said...

Pink is lovely, I'm in a pink stage, too. I'll have to check out the string and ropes the next time my husband and I hit the hardware store. Beautiful photos. They make me miss Europe even more than I already do.

Frida said...

I hope they have this beautiful string in your hardware store too.