Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Driving through Sweden

Somewhere a few minutes from Gothenburg, with a six hour drive ahead of me, I decided to take ALLOT of pictures of everything "Swedish". Probably a view of this country seldom seen. No censuring, no editing, all the pictures are there, just as the camera saw them, I usually saw something else, or at least the picture in my head had better lighting and colours.
So I had to get a YouTube account, I suppose it was inevitable, bear with me it is my first attempt at some kind of a movie ever. And, also... I wanted a sound track, but what goes with Gothenburg, Stockholm and everything in between? Maybe I'll figure it out later.
Later is here, now featuring: Soundtrack!


Ms. Kimba said...

I can't watch it until my internet is back up to full speed but i will :)

Frida said...

Good, it gives me time to fix the soundtrack, what does Sweden sound like?