Monday, 14 February 2011

Kebnekaise Sock

This is my first home grown pattern! I have constructed my very own sock, that is truly unique, well, as unique as a hand knitted sock can be, which is both a lot and also not so much. Sock knitters know what I mean. :)
The pattern is not written up in legible terms yet but I have the basics down, I know what I did and I know how to reconstruct it, let hope I know how to write it down too. 
The sock is named after Kebnekaise, Sweden's highest mountain, because somewhere between the facts of the ice and snow colours and that it is a very comfortable sock that would be great for hiking.

This is a pattern that truly follows the colour of the yarn, and you can never tell where it will take you. This is the fabulous part. It is as unpredictable or predictable as your yarn. But for it to work properly you need a yarn with a colour accent that is no more than one-fourth of the colour repeat, it can also work if the yarn creates wider stripes and then the accent can be about half the repeat. I am going to try this out, as soon as the yarn arrives with the mail. This yarn I dyed my self with food colouring.

The sock has a reversed stockinette stitch folded cuff.

The reversed stockinette stitch is also repeated in the heel, toe and underside of the foot. This makes the sock very comfortable to wear. I can vouch for that, as I tried on the sock for a long good time.

 There is the usual heel flap and gusset pick up heel. Somewhat insideout.

It has a toe with spiral decreases, which are discreet and makes a rounded toe.

If you are interested in the pattern, which of course will be available for free, let me know, and Ill let you know when it is finished, I'd love some test knitters. Ill put the pattern up on ravelry as well.


Tant Kofta said...

Så snyggt och stiligt låta färgerna mötas i aviga maskor.
En jättefin socka.
Med hej fr Tant Kofta

Ms. Kimba said...

are you offering it in swedish and english? its gorgeous by the way!

Frida said...

Tack tack! Jag stickar på engelska, jag lärde mig sticka efter engelska mönster och jag tycker att alla förkortningar är lättare så. Så mönstret blir på engelska. :)