Saturday, 8 May 2010


The tomatoes are boldly coming along. They are really nice fat plants by now, I was a bit afraid of them becoming thin and wobbly therefore being to frail to put outside in the wind, but no, very nice plants indeed. I am hoping for lots and lots of little tomatoes later in the summer. 
There are little seedlings taking over all of my kitchen window by now, and I just planted some runner beans (rosenböna) too. I did have plans of planting some seeds directly in the garden last weekend, I have a pack of marguerites (prästkrage) I thought would look nice under an already existing bush, but the weather is colder again, so I am glad I never got to it, that would have been marguerite murder. I did buy a big green watering can for the occasion though.

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Ms. Kimba said...

yummy. Jag älskar färska tomater