Friday, 21 May 2010


Do you know in the winter when nothing smells of anything, at best you can smell if it is going to snow or rain. I usually end my days with smelling the outside, I open a window (when we lived in an apartment) or a door and stick my nose out if it is cold, or all of me if it is warm, and just smell for a while. And now the world smells, it smells of life, this is the best smell in the world. Which hopefully will be enhanced when the jasmine blooms.
When we lived in Gothenburg, our apartment was close to a really big park, Slotskogen (directly translated: the castle forest), and early in the morning, before I went to sleep, I would go out on the balcony and the smell of dew in Slotskogen would come wafting in over the city.
In the southern suburb of Stockholm, the smells were scarce, it smelled of dust, Stockholm is a dry place, at least compared to Gothenburg which is situated on the west coast, there it always smells of the sea, the sun or the more likely the rain. In the suburb we took nightly walks away from the concrete apartment houses into the area with one-family houses with gardens, sometimes just for the smell of it. But here in the country it smells!
Now I am going to ad to the wonderful tradition, of smelling the outside in my garden, with walking barefoot in the grass.


Ms. Kimba said...

ahh you lived near slottskogen. I used to work on Övre Husargartan, just one street up from Linee and only a minutes walk from the park. I love slottskogen :)

Frida said...

I loved it too, we lived on, Nordenskiöldsgatan.