Friday, 21 May 2010


I bought this beautiful umbrella in Gothenburg at the little botanical souvenir shop in the botanical gardens. When I lived there, I went by these umbrellas a number of times and always though "well, maybe next time", but now when I am not close by any more, it was very easy to pick one up and buy it.
I seem to have become a bit of an umbrella collector. Apart from this one, I also have a totally see-through one, like the kind you see in movies from NewYork, that I picked up at Beyond Retro, a fantastic second hand shop here in Stockholm, perfect for when the sun shines through the rain.
I should have the green tartan one I bought in Scotland on our honeymoon, but I could not get in with me on the plane, or even in the gate area actually.
But I did carry the SUNbrella I acquired in Taiwan, on all the planes all the way from Taipei airport through Bangkok and Amsterdam to Stockholm, It has a protective uv filter on the inside and is for carrying around your own shade, necessary for a Swede in Taipei, who faints in degrees above 30.
I bought a silvery one when I worked mainly with silver, one that looks like a grandmother silk scarf and one that was very collapsable but turned out to be totally useless.

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Lina said...

Det är så att man hoppas på regn!