Wednesday, 26 May 2010


This is the kind of thing I see on my walks during the day, I love it out here. They were not there last week. 
And on our evening walk, just now, I found a Lilac in the hedge! We own our very own lilac! True, I really wanted a blue-purple one but there is plenty of space to plant some of those later.
We had a deep discussion about "hedge versus fence", and "will the neighbour be offended". Our property has a hedge towards the road and a white picket fence towards one of the neighbours, but is open on two sides towards the second neighbour, our property used to be his lawn. We are starting to feel the need for knowing what is his and what is ours, since his property surrounds us. He has lots of old cars and caravans on his lawn, and I was thinking more in the line of a vegetable patch, a green house and some more flowery bushes.

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