Wednesday, 29 June 2011


The hero of my home!


Finally I can spin again, slowly, slowly a little at a time.

Mint Plant
 Strawberry Knitting
 Pink Soda

Monday, 27 June 2011


More patterns coming up! I have a whole brain full of patterns. :)

Presenting Annapurna, Left and Right Mittens or Fingerless Mittens.
These mittens are created for people who, like me, has trouble knowing which way (or hand) is left and which is right. The left one has little L;s on it and only fits the left hand, and the right one has little R;s on it and only fits the right hand. So, never fear, when in doubt just look at you mitten covered hands!

Cooking in Taiwan

Fridas thoughts during a cooking show watched in Taiwan:

Oh, that looks like a pumpkin, but is is very green, maybe it is a melon of some kind. Cutting the melon in half and then in slices, ok with you so far. Then you are going to... Eh, boil the melon... mhmm are you sure? Yes definitely boiling it, ok then. Oh, time for some sauce of some kind, is it going to be sweet or savory? Clams! Hopefully savory then. Yes, ok I think that is soy sauce, and what is all those other brown sauces I can't reed the labels on that you are blending in, no idea. Ok, picking up the melon/pumpkin slice from the water and putting it on a plate. It has the appearance of melon but seems to have the consistency of pumkin, which is it?! Any way what are you going to do with it? Pouring the brown clam sauce over it.. Ish.. Ok, you can eat that.

*true* *and I don't understand mandarin and there was no subtitles*

Friday, 24 June 2011


Bestest midsummer mail delivery ever!!! 

My family went to visit a sheep farm last week. Oh boy how I would have wanted to come, but they are 500 km west in Gothenburg. They went on a lamb safari and got to pet the sheep and visit the farm. AND, they thought of me! I got this colourful wool, I don't know what bread but it is on the coarser side and seems very spinnable. I think Ill spinn some thin, thin yarn with this. 

But what really warmed my hart was the card, and they all signed it! Thank you my family, I miss you all!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Kilimanjaro Scarf

As I wrote yesterday, I have been a bit productive during my involuntary lie in. 

Presenting; Kilimanjaro, a long, warm, stripy scarf knitted with self striping commercial sock yarn. This pattern plays with the crazy colours and fun possibilities of commercial self striping sock yarn. You can buy the pattern on ravelry, and I am also fixing so that hopefully it will be possible to buy from this site as well, for you lunatics who are not members of ravelry. ;) Now it is possible, look to the right! 

 The scarf has three different sections each with a different two colour striping.
 It is knitted flat and then folded lengthwise and sewn together to make a double-sided rectangular scarf.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mocca Muffin Surprise

I ventured to stand up in the kitchen long enough to make mocca surprise (meaning; the frosting is on the inside) muffins for Olas coworkers meeting. Well worth the work, I can tell you. There were quite a few left over for me too. :)


Hello dear readers! If I still have any... I am here, I exist!
I had to stop writing for a while because I suffered a slipped disk, diskbråck för svenskarna. It was the single most painful experience I have ever had, a broken arm is nothing in comparison, I know. And I have spent the last 7 or so weeks lying down, being in pain and having a terribly boring time. I am better now, not good, but better. I am still on heavy medication (blame that if I write something strange) and in pain, but now I can eat sitting up (a big plus for all my stained sweaters) take small, small walks and pick stuff up off the floor. All good things for me.
I have however been a bit productive during this time, of course I have not been able to spinn anything, but I have written a knitting pattern for a scarf, more on that later, and I am now working on the my next pattern.
Well, I just wanted to say hello and I exist.

Hello and I exist!