Monday, 1 March 2010


As I said yesterday, I did order some seeds over the internet in January from Impecta. I don't know much about gardening yet so I thought I would just buy the ones I thought was prettiest, and if they live they live, and if they don't Ill buy already grown ones form the plant-school.
How could I resist this one, it looks like a "that pink sock was not supposed to be in the washing machine" kind of accident. And it is called Sophistica, it is a hanging kind and Im going to have it outside my front door hanging from the porch. It will match my pink house numbers. :)
Red Flash, reminds me of a fifties dress, swirling, dancing. 

And then the Merry-Go-Round, fantastic little ting. I cant imagine that these little miracles will pop up from the seeds and live in my garden. 


Anonymous said...

oj, det är ju så man får ta sig en sväng till dig i vår för att se resultatet!
Syster Yster

Frida said...

Än så länge är de bara frön i påsen, det är inte säkert jag får dem att överleva. :)