Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Much loved Grandmothers

Today, still while I am writing and definitely while I was planing what to write, is the International Women's Day! In this posting I would like to honour my grandmothers, who I have sadly lost, I still cant think about it without crying. They were fantastic strong women, and I am proud to be their granddaughter.

Inga, is in my mind in her kitchen making pancakes or some other delicious meal for all of us family, she never had the time to sit at the table her self. The round table in dark wood, green curtains and the same copper pot for the flowers, woven plastic rug on the floor. She is with me I feel her reassuring hands on my shoulders.

Gunnel, is in her country garden, green to big gumboots, a knitted sweater, the bun of her hair getting a bit frazzled, raking leafs.  It smells of the wood-burning stove, of earth and the grass and the leafs. Her I can see in the path walking in front of me.

I think about there lives and my life and how I can make choices they never could. I have to make the most of the things I have, and be grateful in the choices I make.

But still, "men in general", we are not even, I am still angry, watch out!!!

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