Friday, 19 March 2010

Jaywalkers finished

The Jaywalkers are done! I must say that this pattern is very enjoyable. It is free so I recommend everyone to try it. This is actually my first pair of matching socks, I usually never have the patience to make them match, and I love to see how different the two socks become, but this yarn had so wide lines, I thought it would look best and not be to difficult. It worked out well they are very similar in size. Beautiful yarn, Gepard Garn, Strong Art, definitely recommended, soft and easy to work with.
I even started a second pair, for Ola, Purple walkers

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Matilda said...

Vilka vackra färger på de övre! Jag måste sticka fler strumpor. Ska bli i alla fall ett par tunna knästrumpor till våret tänkte jag...