Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Otto did the hoovering

I actually started cleaning today for absolutely no reason. I had to do a bit of cleaning yesterday because a deadline is approaching and I could not get into my studio, I picked stuff up and Otto did the hoovering. We were almost as synchronised as these guys.

In the Konstfack spring exhibition 2009, which I was in, there was a performance, I don't remember the artist name, but it was a small fenced in area, like you see on building sites, maybe 5x5 meters, covered in white plastic so you could not see inside or above it. But inside there was a man on a motorcycle, going round and round as fast as he could, in this small area, you knew it was a man on a motorcycle because a sign said so, but we could not see him. I liked it very much. Somehow the certainty of the noisy business  and the depravation of the visual part, was reassuring and exiting in the same time for me.

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