Sunday, 21 March 2010

New backgrounds

I redid the blog today, making my own personalised background. This is my desk, with its spills and marks from different projects, with some things that are usually lying around. Some care "may" have been given to the colours and the composition, but still, just my stuff that I work with everyday. I am very proud of myself for the accomplishment of making my own background, do I get some "blogger badge of honour" now, though Ola had a big part in making it work. Thanks Ola.
I was thinking of buying a new desk, now that we have moved and I have my own studio, a nice clean white one, but I don't think I can part with this one, it is such a storyteller. I think I'll have to by an additional desk instead, so I'll have twice the area to make a mess on.


Ms. Kimba said...

Love it!

Frida said...

Thank you! :)
Im a bit concerned about the right side, it is just a big pair of scissors.