Sunday, 28 February 2010

Desperately needing squash

Yesterday we went to the wonderful plant-school, Gustavshill,  that is just down the road. They have been closed for the winter, but are now opened again and full of seeds and tulips. I bought seeds over the internet earlier but after the really strange gardening program, Heavens Gardens,  I watched on friday night, I desperately wanted squash! Ola choose some lovely tomatoes and we decided that sunflowers would be nice too. 
Then we have the two mini greenhouses. So the seeds can have a start indoors. 
This one is a Rootrainer and apparently it makes better and more compact root systems. For me it has the added bonus that the cells open like a book so you easily can get the little plant out. 

This one looks like some sort of laboratory equipment for making test-tube babies, but no, it is also a mini greenhouse, this one has a pop up effect when the little plants are ready.

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