Saturday, 6 March 2010


I got some beautiful Drops Alpaca as a christmas present, and I saw the opportunity of not just doing something luxurious for me but to try the "Daybreak".  It is a beautiful pattern, very well written, by Stephen West. The funny thing about it is that when I look the pattern up on Ravelry to see what people have made of it, they are all beautiful, all of them! Usually there are always some questionable colour choices and some bad execution, but these are all beautiful, I had to try. 
The scarf is very sculptural and tactile, it starts as light and goes towards darker but leaves the light stripes, then in the dark are the stripes are made in the pattern instead of the colours
It was quite tricky to block because it is not a triangle but a wonky semi circle. which drapes lovely over the shoulders.

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