Friday, 12 March 2010

Sneak peak

Just a little sneak peak of what I am working on, I haven't knitted at all today! I am actually working towards a deadline. It feels good to be heading somewhere specific and I am working with joy, frustration and joy, but still. At the same time it is so stressful I am constantly fighting off a headache with shoulder exercises, the "bed of nails" (spikmattan) and a scarf. Why do I always end up with so much hand sewing? I am going about this very methodically though, I wont be devastated if I don't finish in time or if it turns out looking all wrong, it might not amount to anything anyway, always these repetitive "no's" you have to get used to in the business of being an artist. I am sure the "yes's" are out there, I have experienced them, I know they exist! 

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