Monday, 26 April 2010

Sand and Oil

The dessert has time.
The wind is slowly but surely turning the mountains into sand, the sand turning into sand dunes.
Underneath is the oil, plant material that over an unimaginable time turns into this thick, black, desirable liquid.
And the cultures are quickly blinking by. Forming and disappearing.

This is the piece which is going to be in the "I Care A Lot" exhibition.
Named; Sand and Oil.
Made from: various fabrics, sewing thread and linseed, dimensions: 46x46x3 cm.

When I thought about the middle east, I thought about the dessert and the thing that struck me was how small and insignificant humans, our arguments and beliefs are in the timespan of a dessert.
I want the viewer or wearer to think about this in a larger context, and to feel the majestic desolation and loneliness of it all.
In the application form I was asked to answer the question of what important figure in the middle east I would like to give my piece to. I want the archeologist of the future, who wonders about our lives, to wear it. Or maybe it would suit the people of the first timid civilisation that formed in the Middle East.

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