Sunday, 25 April 2010

I Care A Lot

Yesterday I got very good news! I received an email that started; 
"Congratulations, (that is a good start to an email, unless it is from a fake lottery or a pyramid scheme) We are delighted to inform you that your work have been selected for the I Care A Lot exhibition!" 
It is a traveling jewellery show, a portable middle east discussion. 
I sent the submission in a while back and then I heard how many entries they had gotten, 252 works from 195 applicants from more than 30 countries, and I saw my chances drop. 
From all of that they chose 42 works and one of them was MINE! 
Talk about happiness!  

The exhibition is starting in Idare-Oberstein University in Germany, then in september it will come to Stockholm, and then Lisbon in november, then there is also a plan to exhibit in USA and the Netherlands and probably two more locations. My piece will be gone at leas a year.  

I'm going to live on this happiness for quite a while. :)

To be continued tomorrow with information about my piece. 


Ms. Kimba said...

congrats congrats!!!

Frida said...

Tack tack. :)

Tiina said...

Congratulations! So where is the piece? Want to see that! Hugs

Frida said...

Thanks Tiina!
Yes Yes, I will post about it later today! :)

Fröken Rimme said...

Wow, that is amazing Frida! Congratulations! :)