Sunday, 18 April 2010

Books (in a) big blue bag!

A whole bunch of, much longed for, knitting books came in the mail yesterday, well actually they came to the post office in a big blue woven plastic sack, because apparently the cardboard box had ben broken somewhere along the way. Totally surprising, what the ... have I ordered that comes in a big blue sack? And the books were not supposed to arrive until early may! I ordered from Amazon, I usually order from Adlibris but they did not have one of the books, and with Amazons (horrible) shipping costs I thought I might as well order a bunch of them. 

Ok, so, I thought I'll do a bit of a book review of them, for you. And... also it gives me something to write about during the week, it is a bit tricky coming up with something to write about everyday!

The first one is: Knitting Socks with Hand-painted Yarn, by Carol Sulcoski.
I bought this because of some nice patterns I had seen on Ravelry, but I was very positively surprised. Not only were there several patterns I wanted to through myself into right away, but it had a large section on how to handle hand-painted yarns to get the best results. They yarns were classified into three groups, that then made it easier to choose a pattern that would really work for just that yarn, and there was also an enlightening part on pooling and how to avoid it or manipulate it. Personally I love pooling and when the yarn goes off and has a life of its own, but it certainly cant hurt to know how to recognise what yarn I can expect to do what. It was more than I expected,  I have of course not knitted any of the patterns yet, but so far it seems like a very good book to have in any sock knitting book library.

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