Thursday, 29 April 2010

Box award

So the "I Care A Lot" piece has to be in Germany pretty soon, preferably in one pice and in pretty good condition. This is a hidden side of being an artist, building custom boxes for your work. It is not easy, it has to hold up during transport to several exhibitions and you cant be there your self to make sure it is well packed and taken care of. Luckily it takes a lot to brake a pice made form fabric, as long as no one spills on it or something. 
Well, I am very proud of my work, thanks Ola for helping so much! It has padding on the inside and when you turn all the flaps in and put the elastic bands in place, it kind of locks the necklace in, so it wont move around. 
It'll be off tomorrow, hopefully, say hello to Germany.

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Ola said...

You're welcome!