Sunday, 4 April 2010


This proud piece of recycled furniture from Beata Bäck´s series Åter (Again), is called Kommandobryggan (The Bridge, as in on a ship, or Star Trek), and is now living in my hallway. Beata exhibited at Konstfack´s spring exhibition at the same time as me, and afterwords I contacted her to say that I really liked her pieces. It turned out that she really liked mine too, and we agreed to a trade. So today it arrived, it seems a bit lost right now, but I'll make a good place for it in the hallway, and I will find a nice mirror, in a similar style, to go over it, and put some mittens in the drawer, to make it feel at home. 
I find it really inspiring, the way old furniture can become something new in this way, It loosens old ways of thinking, it makes me think freer, it makes me freer.
Welcome Kommandobryggan.


Ms. Kimba said...


Lina said...

vilken cool möbel! borde finnas i var mans hall tycker jag:-)

Anonymous said...

En sån jättetrevlig möbel. Den måste göra sig alldeles förträffligt i er hall.

Mamma Mu