Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Middle of the week luxury sallad

I got a very interesting birthday present from my sister; it was a gift-certificate, for a whole weeks worth of groceries, with recipes, for four people, that comes delivered to the door! The company is called "Linas Matkasse". We got the delivery yesterday and tried the first recipe today:

Lightly breaded chicken filet and kamut wheat with a chévre, baby-spinach, apple, cranberry and roasted pumpkin seed salad with an orange dressing.

Have you ever seen the likes of this "middle of the week luxury" salad! This was just the first day, but if the rest of the recipes is as good and healthy as this one, this is a very good idea! The "Lady and the Tramp" spaghetti sounds wonderful, but the bean salad is more iffy. It is a bit too much food for just us two, but with clever planning and use of the freezer it might work. They only deliver every other week, which is probably a good idea, you need a break to do some of your standard dishes, and also you might not want to be stuck with a fridge full of food all the time.
And, Oh, we have discovered cranberries, wow, delicious!


Ms. Kimba said...

I LOVEEEE Cranberries! I like to eat them dried because they are naturally sweet. When I was living in Göteborg I had a hard time finding them. Eventually Ica started having them and I was so happy! And as a little tip, if you mix a little cranberry juice in with some Sprite, it's very yummy too :)

Frida said...

They were dried in the salad, I thought they were going to be more tart and sour, more like lingon but they were sweet. Ill try the juice too. :)