Friday, 23 April 2010

I made a swatch

I read the instructions, I made a swatch, I calculated my individual stitch gauge, I murdered the half done, to small recycled gold, and I boldly started a cardigan with my own design, made to my measurements! 
As instrukted by Barbara in "Knitting from the Top".
I have divided for the arms and are soon coming along with the decreases. It seems a bit big, which is probably a good thing since I usually make to small sweaters.  It has a V-neck and follows my contours with 2" extra room to move. I will pick up and do a 1 1/2" moss stitch border, possibly in another colour (grey or orange), possibly around the whole thing, hem and and arms and all, I don't know how much yarn I have.
This is the fourth time I try to make something for me in this yarn that actually fits, lets hope it will be the last.  :)


Ms. Kimba said...

Oh! Lycka till!!!
I hope it works out for you. Your braver than me :)

Frida said...

Jag hoppas jag också, jag tycker instruktionerna verkar väldigt bra. :)