Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Custom Knits

Custom Knits, by Wendy Bernard:
It seems to me, a bit like, Wendy has read "Knitting from the Top", custom made some garments for herself, got a lot of compliments, realised she could use the knowledge and her inspiration to design, and then wrote a book. I suppose that is how it goes. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, not at all, there is some very nice patterns in there that I would like to try, and they use some excellent techniques, as knitting from the top down and seamless set in sleeves, and there is nice colour-work and pretty stitch patterns as well. I am just saying that I can see the influence of "Knitting from the Top" in her book. 
If you have both of these books, which of course I do :), you can use the intricate information form "Knitting from the Top" and the design and inspiration from "Custom Knits", and you would most likely get a delightful result. 
(I can always see in my text if it is written after I have read or seen any "Jane Austen")


Ms. Kimba said...

I have this book and I LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Frida, I loved your comment in Stephen West's blog, about wearing an item because it is "already ruined so I don't have to be careful with it". So me! Now if I could just figure out how to dress that way regularly - in my mid-sixties! - without looking like a bag lady.

My feeling about Custom Knits echoing Knitting from the Top: remember Shakespeare? All his plots were 'borrowed'. Yet he is one of the greatest originals of all time.

I was so glad to be introduced to your blog via Stephen West. I am going to bookmark it. Chloe