Thursday, 10 June 2010

The yarn is too beautiful

Rest in peace, La Digitessa. That is what this pattern is called, it is so beautiful, complicated, diverse and totally horrible to knit. I cant make my self knit another one, there will never be a second sock. I thought I would show it before I rip it all up.
I mean, I did it, I read the terribly complicated pattern and did the tricky toe up start, I proved I can do it, but it was not an enjoyable process for me, and to top it all of it came out to small! I am not a fan of toughening up and doing another one just so I can be finished, especially when it is too small. 
But the yarn, the yarn is still fantastic and beautiful. It is too beautiful for its own good, I have to have that perfect pattern for it and therefore it never gets used, and I really like plain stockinet socks, but that is too simple, maybe that is just what it needs?


Ms. Kimba said...

ohhhh i love that yarn, whats it called?

Frida said...

It is Cherry Tree Hill in Peacock. I love it too!