Monday, 14 June 2010


I don't usually blog about shopping, and this is not such a post ether, but I do love shoes, and I consider beautiful shoes a necessity in life. I always try to only buy shoes that I have use for and that I can actually walk around in, but that is difficult. There were quite a few pairs that were left to their lonely fate in the wardrobe after being worn only once.
I love these sandals, I only have very colourful and fun shoes, there so small a part of the total impression and I feel they need to make a statement.
These I would never buy, maybe just to exhibit, they are totally beautiful though, they are more of a sculpture than a pair of shoes, it looks like a shoe has merged with the bottom of an office chair. I never wear high heals, I am tall as it is and I have a tendency to stumble in regular shoes, I go for comfort.

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Ms. Kimba said...

love the sandals!!!