Sunday, 6 June 2010

Promised peach

The promised pictures of our peach tree! It is very small and unstable right now, but it will grow, and can apparently reach 3 to 4 meters. It has the warmest and most protected spot in the whole garden, right by the garden shed, with lots of sun and very little wind. It has already flowered, they are extremely early, before apples and cherries even, so we have no idea if there will be any fruit this year, probably not. For now it has this not so flattering protection around it, because there is LOTS of dear around, and they like to scratch their horn against small trees. I startled one sleeping in my neighbours bushes, just five meters form his house and ten form ours, so I know they are around. 

Closeup of the peach and below the flowers hanging from our front porch.


Ms. Kimba said...

pretty Petunia flowers:)
My faves are Pansies.
I'll bet you can't wait to get your very own peaches from your tree

Frida said...

You are right, but I'll probably have to wait a few years. :)