Tuesday, 8 June 2010

15 things...

...You wouldn't know without The Sims:

  1. You can get at a job just by choosing one from the newspaper or internet. There is no need for resumes, applications or interviews, and there is no rejection.
  2. If another car is parked behind yours in the driveway, and you need to get out, no problem, your car will somehow jump over the other car. Yet it is impossible to walk around a tiny object blocking the door, or to roll over to the opposite side of a double bed.
  3. You can drastically change your hair simply by looking in the mirror, ever going form short to long hair in a matter of seconds.
  4. The shortest distance between two points is out the fort door, around the house, in the back door, up the stairs, down the other stairs...
  5. All burglars wear black and white striped shirts, black pants, and ski hats, and keep there faces in full view.
  6. As soon as you meet someone, no matter how casually and how little you talk to then, you automatically have his/her phone number and e-mail address.
  7. If people spy on you with there telescopes, it is perfectly acceptable and legal to barge in to there homes and attack them.
  8. If you use a telescope regularly, you risk getting abducted by aliens. If you are a man you'll come back impregnated.
  9. Even though a food item is spewing green gas and has flies around it, it is still perfectly acceptable to eat.
  10. It takes an hour to take a shower but you van go on a date downtown and back and no time has passed.
  11. Parties and dates are timed and scored.
  12. Money DO grow on trees and you CAN print your own.
  13. When someone dies, it is ok, you can bring them back to life with the Resurect-O-Nomitron.
  14. Any fish you catch can safely be stored in you backpack FOREVER. That also goes for fruits and vegetables from the garden. Just chuck those salmon and apples in there with all your books. It is totally fine.
  15. Orange juice will cure a cold, eggplant gives you skill-points and if you eat cheesecake while pregnant you will give birth to twins. 

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