Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Första doppet i år!

Can you believe that this was just a few months ago, today we went swimming for the first time this year. The inaguration of the lake. It was lovely, warm and sweet, well warm after a while, but perfectly acceptable and enjoyable swimming temperature for Sweden. Icky bottom though. I just love swimming, it feels right somehow, all my childhood I spent hours in the water while my friends stood with blue lips shivering and begging me to get up. Funnily enough I get warmer form a cold bath, and I am always so cold otherwise. 
We also saw an ambulance helicopter land just a few hundred meters from our house, when I see something like that I always become aware of that this is the worst day of someones life, but it also gives a sort of comfort, it's a long drive to the hospital and it would take quite a while for an ambulance to get here, so it is nice to know that a helicopter is a possibility if it is really necessary.

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