Wednesday, 30 June 2010


I found yet another sweater pattern that I really, really like, and I, who still have not succeeded with a well fitting sweater yet. But I am determined to go on until I learn how! I want to walk around in my own home knitted sweaters, with pride. 
I love the look of this, the colours and the loose fitting, long and cosy. Definitely something for the fall, and we all know that we have to start knitting now if we want it done when the cold starts to come creeping in. Though I wanted to try something really bulky next, so this will have to wait I think. 
Its "Dressy Sweater" from Pickles, I have just discovered their store and it looks like they have very nice stuff, and also I consider Norway very close when it comes to postage, other coveted yarn stores are usually located in England or America.

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