Friday, 18 June 2010

Rubber boots

I got a package in the mail today! I just love to order things on the internet and then wait for the delivery. It is easier shopping via the internet because you don't have to go to crowded stores, you can find brands that does not exist in your city or country, and they seem to have a much better selection when it comes to sizes, they are very seldom out of a size. 
Rubber boots is an essential part of living in the country, and I have a huge trouble finding ones that fit, I have the family curse; big calves. You cant really see it and I don't go around suffering over my calves, they make my legs look proportionate, but I cant find boots that fit. I finally settled for a pair that was a bit lower, for sailing, but that is hopeless on a muddy road because they have no traction what so ever. But, finally, I just happened to try on a pair in a store, they didn't even have my size or the colour I wanted, but I got my calf in with the pants and none of that uncomfortable vacuum appeared. So I took a chance, found them on the internet in white and the right size, and believe it or not they actually fitted with jeans and everything. That has NEVER happened before!
Happiness over a pair of rubber boots!

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