Monday, 3 October 2011

Cold Rain

You really get a lot of knitting done while you have to lie still in bed because you just had to have the spinning wheel on the second floor now! Three pairs of socks finished (one pair of my own design) and a lot of other stuff got worked on. There is always an upside, ish that sounded way to cheery. 
These socks are from Cookie A's book Sock Innovation, that book is full of great, interesting and complicated socks, I love this book. I chose these, Wanida, with a sort of basket weave pattern and made them in Gepards Strong Art, my favorite sock yarn ever, which incidentally I don't know how to get anymore. I named them Cold Rain, because, if you remember, I knitted another pair of socks in this yarn that was called Warm Rain, logical. And yes those are my pajama-pants, the perfect accessory to hand knitted socks. 


elineof said...

Great socks!
Ha en good weekend!

...som gleder seg til å få garn i posten!

Frida said...

Tack tack, desamma! :)