Monday, 10 October 2011


She told me her name is Jane.

And I think that is great since one of my absolute favorite authors is Jane Austen and one of my absolute favorite book characters is Jane Eyre. 

This is such a beautiful wheel and I feel very privileged to have one of my own, I am all happy every time I see her. Just look at the details on her. And it is all maple and it is heavy, so you need very little treadeling action to get it going and the treadeling is so so smooth, almost effortless, and it does not move at all, she stands steady and still on the floor. I love the big paddles too, no hard edges to rest part of your foot on. She is totally quiet, not a sound, just the whooshing of the wheel moving the air around. 
I have definitely not finished exploring what she can do yet, but so far I have tried both the double drive and scotch tension, and both work great and are quite sensitive (in a good way) and the pull is very nice, I don't know how to explain it, there is not too much pull but it is strong and steady. The spinning is fantastic and the difference between this and my "old" wheel is very pronounced. 
It is just a total joy to spin on my Jane. 


Hillevi3 said...

Ah - what a beauty! Happy for your sake, please pat her from me :) I'm a Jane Austin-fan too.

Frida said...

Ill give her a fondle from you! :)
Who in there right mind is not an Austen fan!

Sigrun Joh. said...

Lovely wheel, I envy you. I have got an old icelandic wheel and it's not working properly. Hopefully one day ... :) Until then, I use my spindle.

Frida said...

Maybe you can find a nice second hand wheel that works better, Sigrun. Well if you like spindling then thats good too. :)