Thursday, 27 October 2011

Becoming color

The sock yarns are slowly but surely becoming more and more colorful! I have made up a great way for me to dye them that I really like. I dye them in a big pot on the stove, first I make a base coat of a lighter color, then I make a knot (or two) in the hank (using insulated gloves, hot! ajaj) and put on a second coat of a stronger color, remove the knot, shake the skein out and I tie another knot (or two) and ad a third layer of color. If I like it I stop there, if not, more layers and knots. I am making the color combinations up as I go, so there are no skeins alike, unless you would like to make a special order. 
I am making a movie of this fascinating process so never fear if you did not get my confused explanation. :)


Anonymous said...

Vilka underbara färger du har lyckats med...

Mamma Mu

Frida said...

Tack mamsen! Det är roligt med färg.