Thursday, 20 October 2011

Alpaca Silk

This is the yarn I have spun form the alpaca and silk I got from Åsa (Zhunee) in the fall swap. They were so similar in colour so I thought I would take advantage of that and combine them. I spun one single from the silk, glorious to spinn, so soft and in lovely colours, and two singles from the alpaca, very lovely too, and I made a three ply of them all. I ended up with surprisingly little waste, just a meter or two altogether! You can see the shine from the silk single nestling in among the fluffier alpaca. It turned out beautiful I think, and it is heavy and has great drape. I am thinking it might make a good lacy tam and if there is any left over, a cowl or some fingerless gloves or so. 

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Anonymous said...

Underbart fint garn du spunnit!!