Friday, 26 February 2010

Olas Cardigan

Ages ago I promised Ola (my husband) that I was going to knit a sweater for him. I had bought Erica Knights book Mens Knits, and he chose a pattern (with a little help) and yarn was ordered. This was in August 2009. The yarn turned out to be beautiful but horrible to knit with, every tension variation showed and I had to knit it very tight to get it even, so tight the yarn burned my finger. So the knitting subsided, and I kind of hid it in the bottom of the knitting drawer. Well, after christmas I thought that enough is enough and I vowed to have it done by his birthday in the end of February. Therefore I have knitted in hiding for two months, when he was at work and late in the night. And in spite of two headache attacks and the fact that he was sick and stayed home just a few days before the Day, when I had half a sleeve and all the sewing up left, I made it! It was finished in time, ok without buttons and unblocked but still enough to proudly wrap. 
This was my first time sewing in sleeves. It went well I thought, Im proud about the result and will promptly do only raglan sleeves in the future.
Since it had no buttons, Ola got to have a say in the button buying. We found a very nice little fabric store here on the islands and found these lovely greyish black ones with little specs of light in them. 
It seemed a bit small but stretched out nicely when I blocked it.
Ola snuggling up with his new cardi.


Fröken Rimme said...

Ooh! You are so talented, Frida. I am wildly impressed. Even though crocheting is my favourite craft, I just love how smooth and soft a knitted fabric looks.

Frida said...

Well, I cant crochet and I am totally impressed with your work! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

jisses människa...sticka en cardigan???? Hur som helst så var den urfin! Kram Syster

Frida said...

Tack tack, det var roligt att sticka, jobbigt garn bara. Och om man han varit duktig att avsluta ett projekt så får man starta åtminstone tre nya. :)

Diana said...

This does look like one of those yarns that shows every imperfection of stitch tension. You'd never know based on the finished sweater though! Nice job secretly finishing the sweater in time for his birthday!