Thursday, 25 February 2010

Disobedience in the country

After living my whole life in quite a big city and then in an actual big city it is so reassuring out here in the country, reading the local papers column about disturbances and police matters during the latest month, and finding things like:
  • Person arrested for shoplifting 37 kronor worth of candy.
  • Stray dog caught and cared for, turned in to the police.
  • A report of a person driving with badly scraped windows.
  • Firedeparment investigates a smoked filled house, which turns out to be a badly cleaned fireplace chimney.
  • The police stops a car for suspected drunk driving, the driver turns out to be sober. 
  • A report of a drunk person lying in a snowdrift, when the police arrives, the drunk person is no longer there. (it probably got cold)
And! Unusual find turned in to the police:
Two turtles found and turned in to the Ekerö police department. A person living in .... found them lying in a snowdrift in the area, the person brought them inside the house to defrost and warm up. They slowly regained the ability to move around and were then brought to the police, who started an investigation to find out if someone was missing the turtles, without result.
-There is a lot of question marks around these turtles, but it feels like they have just been dumped. Says the investigating police person. 
The turtles were later given by the police to Skansen (the zoo).

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