Wednesday, 24 February 2010


This blog has now had the great honour of being upgraded to my official main blog! I found that my other two! blogs did not completely satisfy my blogging needs. They are both great in there own ways, "Frida Working..." is mainly for my artistic work as a jewellery artist and I feel I have to maintain a certain standard and that makes me feel apprehensive about writing about all the snow or my pink house numbers, "Sticka utan fika" is a collaboration with my good friend Lina and totally about knitting in swedish, with leaves a lot of things out. There is as you can see a kind of blogging gap there for me. So I resurrected this old test blog with its splendid androgynous name for more Frida based, all around friendly blogging! So how about the other blogs, yes, "Frida Working..." will be a bit changed, it will be more of a show and tell about what I am working on in the jewellery art field, showing current work, and "Sticka utan fika" will remain as it is.

So everyone, subscribe now because you have to read this blog too!

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