Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I can never resist the first tulips, and why should I? This is my favourite flower, well, one of my favourite flowers, but it is definitely my favourite flower to have inside in a vase. 

 This is IKEA:s vase for tulips, one of there really cheep but actually very nice items. I am sure that, if you are swedish, you own one, or a person in your immediate family does. It is a very good vase. When I bought it was advertised as a tulip vase.
But Why! Is it you have to buy two bunches of tulips, which always comes in packets of ten, to fill the vase and not stand there wondering why they look so lonely and why you were so cheep you only bout one bunch!
I am sensing a conspiracy here, a secret agreement between the tulip growers of Sweden and IKEA.

But the upside is, that when you have to spring for two bunches you can have two colours and they look fabulous and overflowing instead of cheep and lonely.
What? Buy another vase? How do you mean now?


Fröken Rimme said...

Definitely my favourite put-in-a-vase flower as well! And yes, I own that particular vase ;) (Still hoping that I one day will afford a lovely Alvar Aalto vase, preferably in the colour purple (are you listening, Santa?))

Oh, by the way, I just love the wonderful yarns you're spinning - I'm just bad at remembering to comment on them!

Frida said...

Tack tack! :)