Monday, 17 January 2011

Crochet jewellery

I stumbled upon these pieces of crochet neckless on Ravelry. They are made by LivingColor on Ravelry. They are stunning in their simplicity, in a technique which usually is used to make granny square blankets, and in their complexity of colour and material choices. I like how the golden thread is aded, it seems to sort of point out that this is jewellery we are talking about and not some ordinary crochet object. I would love to cast one of them in say aluminium and paint on the colours or in silver with enamel. Makes you think. 


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Grace Robin said...

Inspiring and awesome creativity. Thanks for sharing

Fannito said...

I love all of them! Thank you for sharing. I doubt that I could find all the different materials used on them, but they gave me very good ideas. Thank you!