Monday, 10 January 2011


I have been all crafty in the kitchen and made my own applesauce (äppelmos). I got a whole bucket of apples from my mother in law Eva, who had many buckets of apples. :)

 Lovely little wrinkly winter apples, most of them was very nice, just a few were mouldy or rotten.

 The main work it seems is to peel and chop the apples, if you don't have the "professional" applesauce gadgets, which I don't.

 Then you just boil the apples on low heat with a little water in the bottom of the pot, and it becomes applesauce by it self. I mushed it a bit with a potato musher, and aded about 2 dl of sugar, to 2, 3 litres of sauce.

 It is sweet with a lot of the apple freshness to it, yummy. I opted to freeze it instead of preserving it in jars, that seemed a lot harder.

Tada!!! Finished homemade applesauce!! 

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