Monday, 24 January 2011


Finally, I am finished with this sweater, it takes a lot of time to knit a whole sweater, and a lot of audio books, about seven to be precise. This is a Drops pattern, and I got the yarn from my mother in law, who knows I like colour, as a birthday present a few years ago, and it took me a while to find the right pattern. 

I like this one though, it is knitted in two pieces, in different directions, garter stitch, one starting at the sleeve and the other starting at the front hem. (Notice Cornelia's lovely artwork there in the background.)

Then everything was sewn together and a blue crochet edge was added. (And here you can notice the left over christmas star that no one has bothered to take down.)

It has a nice little collar and the pieces and sleeves came out surprisingly even.

The buttons were totally perfect and I had picked them up at the fabric store just because they were so irresistible, big and red, and for no other reason some time during the summer. They were found out now and aded. (This picture apart from a happy me, features our family's torture / relaxing area, the bed of nails, surprisingly comfortable and addictive. )

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Vilken jättefin tröja du har stickat!!!!

Mamma Mu