Monday, 8 November 2010

A Spinners Best Friend!

A hot tip for all spinners! I have the problem of the spinning wheel slowly working its way further and further away from me as I spin. I tried to give it some of those furniture "paws" but that did not make any difference, maybe it reduced the scuffing when I drew the wheel back again but nothing else. Then I tried to kind of hold on to it with my toes while I was paddling, that did definitely not work, I almost go a cramp and it still moved away. But now the revelation is here: Rubber feet! I found these at the hardware store (and when I say I, I mean Ola) and you attach them with a little screw, so no pesky glue that only collects dust. I think they are for stopping a door banging in to things originally, but now, a spinners best friend!

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