Friday, 12 November 2010


I bought a new set of interchangeable needles. I think that interchangeable needles are the greatest thing, you always have the needles you want with the right length cord, easy. 
I already have a set of Knit Picks, and I know everyone loves them, but I really hate them! :( I know, they are fabulous to knit with and the tips are really sharp. But I hate the case, it is always a total mess, I hate the way they screw together (and unscrew) and several of mine has broken, I also keep loosing those little keys. 
My all time favourite needles are Addi Lace but the interchangeables are really expensive and does only have eight needle sizes, and the case did not look that splendid either.
When I saw the Denise sets case I was really interested, a nice compact "book" where all the needles and cables have their own place, lovely. So I bought a set, I bough the pink set, partly because it is nice to support breast cancer research and partly because it is pink. :) The tips are a bit blunt but of a nice, warm and a bit bendy material. The cords are surprisingly soft and bendy, they are thick so I was a bit scared they would be difficult to knit magic loop with, but I don't think that will be a problem at all. And the clicking, fastening the needles to the cords with a click is just wonderful, you have to have a strong grip but when it is in it stays there. 
I am very happy with my new needles! They are wonderful to knit with.
Anyone wanna buy a set of Knit Picks cheap? :)

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