Monday, 22 November 2010

Snow Globe

Make your own snow globe! At "365 saker du kan slöjda" (365 things to craft), there is instructions to make your very own snow globe! What a personal christmas present that would make, who would not want one of these. 

You just need a jar, some fancy glitter, a little creature to live inside, glycerol and superglue. Glue the creature to the lid, pour in water, the glitter and a smidge of glycerol, screw the lid on the jar and tada!

I  made one for my mom when I was younger. It was an old honey jar and it had white glitter and an angel inside.


Anonymous said...

Den glitterängeln har en särskilt plats i mitt hjärta. Den får alltid en speciell plats i köksfönstret under julen.

mamma Mu

Frida said...

Åh! Tack mamma! :)