Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Presenting post nr 200!

I cant imagine what I have written 200 posts about?!

Well, anyway, the parcel form the latest swap has arrived. This time it was from Magda in Poland. 

This green blob was the first thing that greeted me after removing the very securely attached bubble wrap. (Someone who loves tejp as much as me)

After unwrapping. The package contained:
  • The lovely green yarn that greeted me, 200 g, 100% wool and quite soft. 
  • Auraucania Ranco Multi in a gorgeous variegated blue.
  • A little tin with soft gingerbreads covered in chocolate.
  • A bigger package of another sort of gingerbread, this one seems to have some jelly in the middle.
  • A fridge magnet of Torun, Magdas home town.
  • A beautiful hand made card, with little swirly paper flowers on.
  • Some marshmallow like candy, all gone. :)
  • And some tea bags. 
Thank you so much Magda! 

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