Monday, 29 November 2010


I don't just make jewellery and knit and spin (and read and play xbox and sleep...) I love to quilt too. 
I have started a self inflicted tradition; I make a little quilt for the babies in my closest family. This one is for Lily, who is my cousins daughter. It was supposed to be finished ages ago, but finally I sat down and did all the little patches. 
The pattern is a "drunkards path" probably because there is not so many straight lines. ;) I used our grandmother Ingas old fabrics, she passed away a few years ago and is very much missed, I think she would like the fabrics to be reused in this way for her grand-grand daughter. Inga loved green (so do I) and I have lots of green fabrics from her, and one yellow, I thought that would suit little Lily nicely, but I aded some green accents too. The little blanket is quilted on a sewing machine around the  circles and three quarter circles.

Lily looks like she likes it. :) Little cutie!


Emily said...

absolutely adorable sweetie!

Anonymous said...

oj, så fint! Våra täcken används forfarande flitigt, dom älskar dom!

Kram Syster Yster

Helena said...

Det är superfint! Det gröna är väldigt populärt att pilla och suga på :-)

Anonymous said...

Det är verkligen ett jättefint
täcke i underbara färger.

Mamma Mu